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How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Issue

HP Printer gives an effective and exceptionally great administration in printing and checking. The most well-known issue with HP Printer is paper jam issue, numerous HP Printer face this issue. Indeed, this issue can baffle you since when this occurs, you can’t print or output the critical archives.

You can fix this issue by following some straightforward investigating steps. However, in some cases HP Printer Customer can confront trouble to fix this issue. All things considered, you can approach HP Printer Customer Support Number to get a simple and speedy arrangement of your concern.

Follow these steps To Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Issue.
Step 1. Clear the jam from the front of the printer:

The first step for you should be, remove the paper which is stuck into the printer. Clear the paper jam from the rear of the HP Printer then clear it from the front if required. Basically, remove the uneven paper from the input and output tray.

Caution: Go slowly and carefully when you try to clear the paper jam from the front of the printer. Because if you will do it quickly and carelessly then it can damage the printer.

Step 2. Clear the paper jam from the rear of the printer.

  • Press the power button at the HP Printer and turn it on.
  • Eject the power cord from the Printer when the Printer is on.
  • Turn the Printer as u face the rear of the side of the printer.
  • Remove the rear access door by pressing the button on the left side of the door.
  • Now when the rear door is open, remove the jammed paper slowly and carefully with both of your hands to avoid the tear of paper into the printer.
  • In case, the paper is torn into the paper then remove the pieces of torn paper from the printer.
  • Ensure that the roller and wheels are movable.
  • Now close the real door correctly.
  • Then connect the power cord and turn on the Printer by pressing the power button.

If you are unable to resolve your HP Printer Paper Jam Issue Call our HP Printer Customer Support Helpline Number +1-888-326-0222.

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